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Luyện thi ETS TOEIC – Test 6: Reading (Phần 2) – Học Hay

Questions 172-175 refer to the following Web page.



Annual Show


Frequently Asked Questions


Cement & Construction Monthly is produced by the organizers of the Toronto Construction Show. It is published online each month. There is also a special Annual Show print edition. — [1] —.


Cement & Construction Monthly offers a mix of industry news, product reviews, and trade show information. — [2] —. Entertaining monthly columns cover everything from job advice to advertising strategies.


This year Cement & Construction Monthly is beginning a mission to demonstrate our high esteem for mentors in the industry. We are asking members to nominate individuals who have excelled in a mentoring role. — [3] . See the link below for information on how to nominate someone. After reviewing the nominations, we will select the top five mentors 0f the year. These winners will receive a special award at   the Toronto Construction Show on November 3. — [4] —. Their profiles and photos will appear in the December edition of Cement & Construction Monthly.



Nomination form                             Current year issues                                         Archive (old issues)



  1. What is a purpose of the Web page?

(A) To explain a registration process

(B) To update a convention schedule

(C) To review a product

(D) To promote a trade publication

  1. What new feature is being announced?
    (A) A plan to honor mentors

(B) An online discussion forum

(C) On-site job interviews

(D) Monthly advice columns

  1. What will happen on November 3 ?

(A) A special news report will be shown.

(B) Awards will be given out.

(C) Election results will be published.

(D) A photo collection will be displayed.

  1. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

 “This is distributed to all registered visitors to the show.”

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 176-180 refer to the following form and e-mail.


62nd Annual Samsville Home and Garden Show

March 31 to April 2, Samsville Conference Pavilion

Exhibitor Application

Company name: Castillo Landscape Design

Contact name: Valia Castillo

Phone: 302-555—0198

E-mail: vcastillo@castilloid.com

Web site: www.costillold.com


Items/services to be exhibited:

I will display photographs, plans, and models of available outdoor design services that my company offers.


Additional information or requests:

I would like to request a second parking pass since one of my employees will also be attending and helping to transport materials.


NOTE: This application is not a contract and does not guarantee a booth at the show. Space is available on a first-come basis. Once your completed application is received, a coordinator will contact you within five business days to finalize your reservation and payment. Discounts for members of Samsville Home and Garden will be automatically applied at the time of payment. Any questions can be directed to our exhibition organizer, Ms. Faye Li, at fli@samsvillehg.org. All applications are due by January 31. 


To: vcastillo@castillold.com

From: rconway@samsvillehg.org

Date: February 1

Subject: Home and Garden Show

Attachment: Contract and Invoice


Dear Ms. Castillo:

We have received your exhibitor application for the 62nd Annual Samsville Home and Garden Show. I am attaching your contract for a booth space and your invoice at the discounted member rate. Please return a signed copy of your contract by February 10.


Your reservation includes one walled booth with an electrical outlet, exhibitor ID tags for you and a colleague, and two parking passes, as your request for a second parking pass was approved. Passes are typically limited to one per booth but we will make an exception in this case, as you are a longtime member and exhibitor at our event.


We appreciate your continued participation and support.




Rylan Conway, Vendor Coordinator

Samsville Home and Garden


  1. What is Ms. Castillo planning to bring to the show?

(A) Pictures of gardens

(B) Sample trees and plants

(C) Sample project estimates

(D) Gardening tools

  1. What is typically included in a booth reservation?

(A) An exhibitor sign

(B) A parking permit

(C) An annual membership

(D) A directory of local vendors

  1. When did Ms. Castillo most likely submit her application?

(A) In January

(B) In February

(C) In March

(D) In April

  1. What is suggested about Ms. Castillo?

(A) She works at Samsville Home and Garden.

(B) She has lived in Samsville for ten years.

(C) She requested an additional electrical outlet.

(D) She will pay a reduced price for her booth space.

  1. Why does Mr. Conway make an exception for Ms. Castillo?

(A) She is a past organizer for the event.

(B) She often participates in the show.

(C) She agreed to pay an extra fee.

(D) She submitted a very strong application.


Questions 181-185 refer to the following Web page and e-mail.



Team Plans

About Us



All of your project management needs—All in one place—All online.

Project Elements LLC develops project management software for use in companies both small and large. Our proprietary software will serve you from start to finish, helping your teams to communicate, schedule, and manage information.

Team Basic

Get your team of five started with our Basie solution. Task management, file sharing, and mobile accessibility will be at your fingertips. Add 100 GB of online data storage Space in the cloud for a small additional fee.

Team Creative

This option is the best solution for small teams 01′ up to 35 creative professionals. In addition to all the Team Basic features, get video editing tools, graphic design software, and 300 GB of cloud storage for all of your design needs.

Team Player

Teams of up to 50 excel with this enhanced service. Get all the features of Team Basic, plus timelines, advanced integration with second—party platforms, and up to 400 GB of cloud space for your team.

Team Leader

This option is best for teams of up to 100. Get all of the features of Team Player, plus enhanced options for personalization, resource tracking, time tracking, 500 GB of cloud space, and fast video uploads for a seamless team experience.

Need more convincing? We were recognized for our software quality with the Gold Star Start-Up Awards by Work Winner Magazine two years in a row. To hear more about Project Elements success stories, check out our Client testimonials in the About Us tab.   



To: ebennis@ptojectelements.com
From: jasbury@Clarelcommunications.com
Subject: Project Elements Upgrade
Date: December 5


Dear Mr. Bennis,


I am the new director of digital advertising for Clarel Communications. Robert Roust, the former director, told me how valuable the Project Elements platform has been, and I want to explore with you a potential change in Clarel’s current plan. We are presently a team of 45 but anticipate growing to 55 members over the next year. The team likes the storage feature, but they would be interested in a plan with more than 400 GB and better personalization options. Is there a plan that will fit our needs?


Looking forward to hearing from you,


Julia Asbury
Director of Digital Advertising
Clarel Communications



  1. How would Project Elements software most likely be used?

(A) For ordering products online

(B) For working together as a team

(C) For training new managers

(D) For monitoring social media posts

  1. What is true about Project Elements LLC?

(A) It has received an industry award.

(B) It has been in business for over ten years.

(C) It purchased Claret Communications.

(D) It publishes a technology magazine.

  1. Why was the e—mail sent?

(A) To register a product

(B) To request technical help with a product

(C) To explain a product registration issue

(D) To seek advice in choosing a product

  1. Which product will Mr. Bennis probably recommend?

 (A) Team Basic

 (B) Team Creative

 (C) Team Player

 (D) Team Leader

  1. In the e-mail, the word “fit” in paragraph 1, in line 6, is closet meaning to

(A) match

(B) agree to

(C) rely on

(D) adjust


Questions 186-190 refer to the following advertisement, e-mail, and form.


Ride-Away Vehicles Summer Special


Save 15 percent off our rate* during the month of July for travel within Ireland.

Compact Car €21

Standard Car €32

FuII—Size Sedan €46

Van €52

Call 020 917 1212 or book online at www.ride-awayvehicles.co.ie.


*Price advertised is the daily rate for eligible drivers, inclusive of value-added tax (VAT) and the basic protection plan. Additional fees may apply. Please contact a Ride-Away Vehicles for more information.



To: yayoiadachi@jrengineering.co.jp
From:  info@Tideawayvehicles.co.ie
Date: 14 July
Subject: Reservation confirmation — #122055


Dear Ms. Adachi,

Your car rental reservation is confirmed. Here are the details per the terms of your rental:

Pickup: 21 July, 9:00 A.M. at Ride—Away Vehicles, Shannon Airport, Shannon, Ireland

Drop—Off: 29 July, 5:00 RM. at Ride—Away Vehicles, Cork City Centre, Cork City, Ireland

Rate: €21/day X 8 days = €168 (includes unlimited mileage and navigational system/GPS)

Model: Colaba Seasider or similar


Important Information: The driver must present a valid driving licence at pickup. Additional charges may apply for any Changes to the reservation, including changes to the pickup or drop-off date, time, or location. A €25 service fee will be assessed for vehicles returned without a full tank of petrol in addition to the cost of fuel.


Thank you for choosing Ride—Away Vehicles. Please call 020 917 1212 with any questions.



Ride—Away Vehicles Return Form


Completed By: Henry Riordan. Assistant Manager, Cork City Centre location

Driver Name: Yayoi Adachi

Model/Number Plate:

Colaba Seasider, 161-C-45329

Gas Tank: Half full

Date/Time of Return: 29 July 4:40 PM

Condition of Vehicle: No damage

Odometer Reading: 33.763 kilometers


Yayoi Adachi

Driver’s Signature


  1. What is Ride-Away Vehicles advertising?

(A) A free day of rental

(B) A reduced daily rate

(C) A free upgrade to a larger vehicle

(D) A waiver of additional fees

  1. What will happen on July 21 ?

(A) A promotion period will end.

(B) A confirmation will be sent.

(C) Ms. Adachi will be at Shannon Airport

(D) Ms. Adachi will add a driver to her contract.

  1. What does the e—mail indicate about Ride-Away Vehicles?

(A) They operate from multiple locations.

(B) They Charge a fee for the use of a GPS.

(C) They apply a discount on rentals one week or longer.

(D) They receive payment before confirming a reservation.

  1. What type of vehicle did Ms. Adachi rent?

(A) A compact car

(B) A standard car

(C) A full-size sedan

(D) A van

  1. What is suggested about Ms. Adachi?

(A) She did not receive a GPS.

(B) She returned her car late.

(C) She did not get the car she requested.

(D) She will be charged a €25 service fee.


Questions 191-195 refer to the following product description, online review, and online response.





Ink & Toner



Product: Stylero RD525 Three—in-One Printer

Price: Regularly $120.00 Now $99.99 (Offer valid March 1—March 15)


Includes one complimentary Stylero—01(black) ink cartridge with purchase! Stylero color ink cartridges sold separately.


The RD525 is one of our most popular models: a wireless color printer, scanner, and photocopier in one. It’s perfect for everyday printing needs in homes, classrooms, and small offices. Though compatible with many brands of ink cartridges, we recommend our own Stylero-brand ink, which lasts up to twice as long as other products. A three-year warranty is available for $7.95.




(April 3) I bought the Stylero RD525 last month for my home office. I give digital photography lessons out of my home several nights per week and need easy access to color prints for my students” work in my classes. I haven’t had any trouble with the photocopier or scanner, and the quality of the prints is excellent in both color and in black and white. However, I’ve been experiencing delays with the printer feature at times. There is a five-minute lag between sending my prints from the computer and when the printing actually begins. I can’t use this device for instant prints in class, or I lose valuable class time. I wish I’d bought a different printer, or at least bought the warranty to get it repaired!


Alicia Boisvert




(April 5) I bought this printer for my classroom and noticed the same issue that Ms. Boisvert described. There is a relatively simple fix though. Most printers go into “sleep mode” to conserve energy between prints. If the length of time before entering sleep mode is set for too short a time, there will be a delay between sending the photos from the computer and the actual printing because the printer will need to warm up each time. Make sure you adjust the sleep mode feature to wait at least an hour before going to sleep. The instructions are in the manual. I always turn the printer on a few minutes before class and it doesn’t pose an issue. It’s an easy adjustment and I think the RD525 is a good product for the price.


 Antonio Thompson



  1. What is indicated about the Stylero RD525 ?

(A) It requires Stylero brand ink.

(B) It can function as a photocopier.

(C) It was sold at a discount for a month.

(D) It will be discontinued after March 15.

  1. What did Ms. Boisvert most likely spend additional money on?

(A) A monitor

(B) A three-year warranty

(C) A scanner

(D) Color ink cartridges

  1. What does Ms. Boisvert say about the Stylero RD525 ?

(A) It is durable.

(B) It produces good prints.

(C) It is expensive.

(D) It requires regular maintenance.

  1. What is suggested about both Ms. Boisvert and Mr. Thompson?

(A) They are teachers.

(B) They returned the Stylero RD525.

(C) They enjoy photography.

(D) They have printers at home.

  1. What advice does Mr. Thompson give regarding the Stylero RD525 ?

(A) Unplug it between uses.

(B) Replace its power button.

(C) Adjust one of its features.

(D) Turn it on an hour in advance.


Questions 196-200 refer to the following chart, customer query, and notice to guests.


Baardsen Laundry Machine Series


Load Capacity

Loading Door Position


Automatic Detergent Dispenser

Pre-wash Cycle


9 kg





10 kg





12 kg





14 kg




Note: Baardsen washers with a load size greater than 10 kg are outfitted with Fluxstat Water-saving technology.


Issue with Baardsen

Posted by: Patricia Canton


I bought my Baardsen washing machine five months ago for use at my bed and breakfast inn. Overall, I have been satisfied with the appliance features. The extra rinse cycle is helpful for guests who are sensitive to Chemicals or perfumes in laundry detergent. I needed a washer with the largest capacity so it could handle my typical volume of bed linens and towels. The main issue with my machine has been an annoying banging sound. It happens sometimes when the guests use the machine. It is a problem because the laundry room is situated just off the patio where guests often dine. I sent a message to the company asking for help and they informed me that the load needs to be evenly distributed in the wash tub. But that didn’t prove to be the source of the problem. How can I get rid of this noise?



Patty’s Bed and Breakfast Guest Services:



Enjoy the lovely spring weather by taking your breakfast, served between 8:00 and 9:30 A.M., on the patio. We offer self-service for coffee and tea around the Clock. The household coffeemaker and tea kettle are next to the stove, and supplies are stored in the cupboard nearby.


Laundry Room:

Fresh towels are provided daily and bed linens are changed weekly. If you would like to use the washing machine, please choose the eco-saving setting. Select your preferred temperature and power setting. When adding detergent, make sure the detergent drawer is closed tightly before you start the machine. If not properly secured, it may open during the rinse cycle and cause a bothersome noise. Also, the extra—rinse option is recommended if you have any sensitivity to laundry soap.


Patricia Canton, Proprietor




  1. According to the chart, what is true about all Baardsen laundry-machine models?

(A) They use the same water-saving feature.

(B) They are energy efficient.

(C) They release laundry detergent automatically.

(D) They are loaded through a door on the front of the appliance.

  1. What washing machine model did machine MS- Canton most likely purchase?

(A) Lute

(B) Xenon

(C) Indium

(D) Mercury

  1. According to Ms. Canton’s query, when is a noise particularly annoying?

(A) When she uses the machine

 (B) When guests of the inn are sleeping

(C) When guests of the inn are eating

(D) When the laundry dryer is also running

  1. According to the notice, what is available to guests at any time?

 (A) Fresh towels

(B) Hot beverages

 (C) Box lunches

 (D) Refrigerators in guest rooms

  1. What advice did Ms. Canton most likely receive as a reply to her query?

 (A) Avoid overloading the washing

(B) Always use the water-saving setting.

 (C) Always select the extra-rinse feature.

 (D) Ensure that the soap drawer is firmly closed.

Đáp án























































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